We Create A Platform You Can Stand On!

  • LR-Records is service base recording label that purposefully seeks talented aspiring artists and help them build a platform through various avenues in today's music industry. 
  • Being an aspiring artist can not only be stressful but very expensive as well. This is why we provide 5 key services to our artists at a very affordable price.
  • Finding resources such as a stage to perform on, new artist contests, and etc can be difficult to do on your own, that's why we have a team dedicated to getting our artists on south Florida stages. 
  • Seek out and collaborate with local singers, songwriters, producers, Djs, and radio personalities
  • Produce original instrumentals, songs, and lyrical content
  • Specialized branding and marketing catered to individual artists

  • In-house visual creations 


Services Include:

  • Unlimited Studio Time
  • Guaranteed stage performance throughout South Florida
  • Transportation
  • Image and Branding
  • Online presence through our official channels

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Our Producers


Killdembeatz productions

"Young College"

Knowledgeable producer with diverse instrumentals that touch several genres. Pop-tones with hiphop undertones and drums. Able to customize any beat and create a style like no other.


Programs Expertise

Fruity Loops, Garage Band, Sonar,
10 years of experience 



"therealest" Productions

Joan Villareal

Knowledgeable producer with 10+ years of producing under his belt. Hiphop focused instrumentals with clean sounds and effortless transitions. 


Programs Expertise

Fruity Loops Studio
10+ years of experience



Ivan Georges