Join Our Summer Internship Program!

Lr-records' internship program will provide you with a real world experience in the business world specifically the music industry. Being a registered LLC with the state of Florida, LR-Records can meet academic internship needs for high school seniors & college students. Learning the ins and outs of small business through facilitated tasks is just a small part of interning at LR-Records. We provide all of interns with personal goals to reach throughout their time with us and how you perform could potentially land you a full time job at LR-Records.     


team problem solving

Working together to find solutions to a variety of real-life business problems will prepare you for all of your future endeavors. Understanding how to work in a group setting may be a requirement in some of your courses but at LR-Records it's the way we thrive. You'll get a chance to coordinate and lead our team meetings. You will have the opportunity to enhance your public speaking and leadership skills. Most importantly you will become a better problem-solver!


Managing social medias

Nowadays most of us use social media just about everyday but that doesn't necessarily qualify you to manage social media. We look for candidates who can bring new ideas to our social media outlets and help us grow locally and nationally. Interns at LR-Records receive access to all LRR social media and are challenged to produce growth. 

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Work in studio environment

Interns will have the opportunity to work in actual studio environments during writing/recording sessions, meetings with studio executives, and sit through signing new artists/on-boarding.